At the restaurant "Le Ciel" the name makes the programme. Enjoy the heavenly view from the seventh floor of the Grand Hotel Wien and indulge in heavenly culinary art at the same time!


The restaurant "Le Ciel" meets the expectations of the most discerning gourmets: creative cuisine with unusual combinations of taste, an excellent, out of the ordinary wine list and professional, friendly service.


The cuisine combines elements of the classic French cuisine with Austrian accents.


It is our passion to serve healthy food without taking away the pleasure of indulgence!

The team of Le Ciel is looking forward to your visit!


Restaurant Le Ciel in 1010 Wien  

Recommendation of the day
Selection of French raw milk cheeses

Genusszeiten - A Culinary Guide
In our culinary guide "Genusszeiten" we represent all offers from our bars and restaurants - Le Ciel, Unkai, Grand Café, Rosengarten, Kavalierbar and at eight – clearly sorted by month. Find out what we will offer on holidays for instance or what delicacy you can expect in all different seasons.

13 Euro Lunch Special

We invite you to take a journey through the Austrian and French cuisine at the price of € 13,00 per dish. (Monday to Saturday from 12.00 noon until 02.30 p.m.)

Our current A la Carte menu

Accurately timed with the start of autumn, Le Ciel presents the new creations of the A la Carte menu for autumn and winter. Look forward to the new dishes like Egg yolk confit, potato-truffle cream, leaf spinach and smoke aroma. Furthermore, there is Mangalitza pork loin on the menu. Our Chef offers it with chervil bulb, jerusalem artichoke and lardo.