Lunch Menu

We invite you to take a journey through the Austrian and French cuisine

at the price of € 13,00 per dish.


Pork belly confit with lemon oil, avocado cream and radish


Summer salad with salmon trout and sorrel


Marinated arctic char with Thai mango, pink pepper, herb cheese and Chatroux




Pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seed oil and Vulcano pork bacon


Consommé with lavender-bacon tartare and bell pepper jelly




Tagliatelle with creamed cèpe mushrooms and herbs


Saffron risotto with sundried tomatoes, roasted almonds and spring onions


Deep-fried breaded cèpe mushrooms on two kinds of spinach vegetables with sorrel dip




Spring roll with scallops


Grilled pike perch filet with beluga lentils, green pea sprouts and polenta slice


Ostrich steak "Wellington" Le Ciel style with chanterelle mushrooms and baby carrots


Sliced veal with green pea sprouts and carrot




A selection of Austrian and international cheeses


Caramelized poppy seed-curd cheese "Schmarren" with "Pielachtal" cornel cherry ice cream


Chocolate with honey and berries


Apricot mille feuille with goat cheese and geranium sherbet


8 pieces of petits fours



Freshly squeezed from our juice corner: € 5,20 (0,2 lit):