Lunch Menu

We invite you to take a journey through the Austrian and French cuisine

at the price of € 13,00 per dish.


Brook trout with iceplant, green apple & garden cucumber  D,F,L,O


Goose liver with turnips, milk malt & smoked eel   A,D,E,F,G,O


Caramelized salsify with goat cheese, braised apple & walnut bread   A,E,G




Consommé with oxtail pockets & lovage   A,C,G,L,O


Lobster bisque with mini langos & basil gervais   A,B,C,G,L,P




Asparagus with langoustine, watercress & quinoa   B,C,F,G,L


Viennese vineyard snail with lemon-semolina dumpling,

hazelnut & parsley fond  A,C,E,G,H,L,R


Egg yolk confit with potato-truffle cream & leaf spinach   C,G,L,O




Pike perch with kohlrabi, may turnips & roasted yeast   A,C,D,F,G,L,O


Austrian whitefish with puntarelle, black morel & wild chervil  D,F,G,L,O


Quail with celery, fig & layered cake   A,C,E,F,G,L,O


Shoulder of acorns-fed pork with jerusalem artichoke,

salt lemon & bell pepper   A,B,D,F,G,L,O




Selection of French raw milk cheeses  G


Pear tarte tatin with marzipan ice cream   A,G,H,O


Chicory with semolina flummery, physalis & almonds   A,C,E,F,G


Rhubarb with lemon thyme, bay leaf oil & curd cheese soufflé   A,C,E,F,G


8 Stück Petits Fours





Please inform us about any food intolerances or allergies.