Lunch Menu

We invite you to take a journey through the Austrian and French cuisine

at the price of € 13,00 per dish.


Burrata with pan-fried romaine lettuce and passion fruit


Scallop with cauliflower prepared in two ways and sweet wine


Arctic char pastrami with smoked caviar and crème fraîche




Garlic confit soup with crayfish and fava beans


Truffled chicken consommé with poultry oyster, liver and crispy wing




Creamy polenta with one-hour-boiled egg, smoked bacon and leaf spinach


Tagliatelle with leek, braised tomato and Barilotto


Spinach risotto with citrus aroma and glazed jerusalem artichokes




Butternut pumpkin tortellini with brown sage butter


Cod filet with marinated borecole and Lyonnaise potatoes


Pan-fried young venison loin with parsnip, potato noodles and currants


Braised shoulder piece of beef with garlic puree and Vichy carrots




A selection of Austrian and international cheeses


Fig gratin with goat cheese ice cream


Dulce de Leche - hazelnut, banana, fleur de sel


Pear Tarte Tatin with marzipan ice cream


8 pieces of petits fours



Freshly squeezed from our juice corner: € 5,20 (0,2 lit):