Lunch Menu

We invite you to take a journey through the Austrian and French cuisine

at the price of € 13,00 per dish.


Sheep's fresh cheese with apricot, red bell pepper sauce and lavender grissini


Scallop with cauliflower prepared in two ways and sweet wine


Smoked duck breast with walnut caramel and citrus fruits




Consommé with oxtail pocket and lovage


Lobster bisque with mini langos and basil gervais




Creamy polenta with one-hour-boiled egg, smoked bacon and leaf spinach


Tagliatelle with artichoke, parsley and oven baked barilotto tomatoes


Beetroot risotto with chioggia turnpis, pecorino and wasabi




Homemade cannelloni with sundried tomatoes,

olives, young leek and chili-wild garlic salad


Pan-fried red snapper with sweet potatoes,

lemon and lukewarm spinach salad


Pluma Iberica with black roll bread dumpling and root vegetables


Quail with celery, fig and layered cake




A selection of Austrian and international cheeses


Gingerbread soufflé with quince, kumquats and advocaat


Chocolate savarin with tamarillo and coconut ice cream


Carrot cake "Le Ciel" style


8 pieces of petits fours





Please inform us about any food intolerances or allergies.